For Macpac, the process of building relationships with trusted suppliers overseas has been no different to how we'd go about it in New Zealand.

    Anywhere in the world, we insist on systems that ensure workplace conditions meet company standards. We have found the scrutiny around overseas manufacturing to be a great advantage, as many suppliers have a clear understanding of our concerns and expectations.

    The "New Zealand-made" message is often promoted as unconditionally positive. It would be great to be able to support generalisations, but like most stereotypes they always come with exceptions. In the same way, "poor quality" cannot be aligned with "made in Asia." This would be unfair and seriously disappointing for countries who invest an extraordinary effort in their quality of work, workplace standards and highly innovative technology.

    Being in business is about responsibility to our customers. In the outdoor industry, this responsibility includes your safety and confidence in the backcountry. We look for leading design technologies, and have found many such technologies outside of New Zealand and Australia.

    Macpac's manufacturing partnerships will continue to support the exceptional quality, leading edge technology and attention to detail you look for in our products. We hold the same concerns that you do, in regard to social and environmental responsibility. For this reason, we appreciate our customers' ongoing feedback, and interest in Macpac's design philosophy and manufacturing partnerships.  


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