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The modern, weight-conscious trekkers and mountaineers look for a highly functional tent, with a compact nature, efficient in-use weight and Multi-pitch versatility… More product details

Product Details

The modern, weight-conscious trekkers and mountaineers look for a highly functional tent, with a compact nature, efficient in-use weight and Multi-pitch versatility.
Design & Technical Features
  • UV30TM fly sheet-premium protection during extreme conditions
  • Multi-pitch-highly versatile-extends usability and functionality
  • Torrentwear XP floor-tub design, legendary toughness, waterproof
  • Two pole tunnel system-aerodynamic stability and strength under load
  • Single vestibule provides sheltered entry
  • Retractable floor gives cooking and gear storage options
  • Numerous internal mesh pockets for organised living
  • Dual vent system at each end helps ventilation and air flow
  • Double door system provides for both insulation and air flow
Weight (minimum) 2.1kg
Weight (total) 2.4kg
Fabric Fly / Floor UV30TMSI / TorrentwearTM XP
Persons 2
Floor area (l x w) 2.0/2.5m x 1.15m - Height 1.0m
Vestibule area (l x w) 0.5m x 1.15m
Rolled size 43 x 14cm
Poles 2 - DAC Featherlite NSL / 9.6mm


Seam Sealing Your Tent
Please note that the nature of the lightweight UV30si fabric means that the seams can’t be sealed with normal seam tape. This means you will have to seam seal the following tents before their first use: Olympus, Minaret, Citadel, Macrolight and Microlight. We supply a tube of SilNet with this product to do this – for instructions on how to apply this, please refer to the manual that comes with your tent. All other tents come fully seam sealed at the time of purchase

Cleaning Your Tent
You are best to clean your tent with a natural soap (non-detergent; e.g. pure soap, vegetable soap, Granger's Tent Clean or Lux Soap Flakes) and a soft-bristled brush. Rinse well and dry in a well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight.
Reproofing Your Fly
After washing your tent with a solution of Nikwax Tech Wash, we recommend that you reproof the tent fly with Nikwax Tent & Gear Proof.

Condensation is an ever-present problem when you're trying to stay dry in the outdoors. You have probably experienced the same thing on a wet day when you have just climbed into the car and the windows seem to take forever to clear. In small tents, the problem is exactly the same and shows up as condensation on the inside of the fly.
Condensation is the result of atmospheric conditions, which we cannot prevent, but can only minimize with good design and an understanding of the factors, which can make the problem worse.
What factors will increase the amount of condensation? 
•    High moisture level inside the tent 
•    A big temperature difference between the warm air inside the tent and the cold outside 
•    Low ventilation to carry the moisture-laden air away 
•    Very waterproof tent material 
•    A high overall humidity 
During periods of high humidity, such as during rain, it can be impossible to remove or reduce condensation. In these conditions, even a high degree of ventilation can actually increase the condensation rather than reduce it. In dry snow conditions, the humidity is usually very low, which can help to minimize condensation.
The more effective barrier that the tent fly fabric provides to stop rain getting through, the worse the condensation problem will be. This puts our tent designers in a difficult position and they naturally tend to favour keeping the rain out.
Because we all have to live with condensation, Macpac tents are designed with a gap between the fly and the ground, as well as active ventilation systems, to reduce the amount of condensation forming.
What can you do to minimize condensation? 
•    Minimize the amount of moisture within the tent. 
•    Ensure that all available ventilation is used 
•    Pitch the tent to catch any available draft 
•    Leave damp items outside or in bags 
•    Dry the tent thoroughly between uses


UV30™ Fabric
Highly waterproof
The combination of lightness, strength and waterproofness makes UV30™ the premium performance fly fabric designed for use in severe cold, wet and windy conditions. UV30™ is proven as a real performer through constant testing and use in New Zealand's Southern Alps and damp Fiordland Valleys.

UV30™ is a 30-denier double rip-stop nylon fabric with a high thread count. It is waterproofed with multiple coats of silicone elastomer on both the inside and outside of the fabric.

The use of 30 denier nylon yarns in UV30™ fabric means it weighs in at less than 60g/m2 – it is a very lightweight tent fabric.

Using double ripstop nylon makes UV30™ very strong and the silicon coating on both sides of the fabric acts to increase the tear strength of UV30™. The silicon coating doesn't bind or lock the weave but allows a certain amount of give in the weave increasing its capacity to absorb tension. This means the fabric has significantly higher tear strength than a similarly constructed fabric with polyurethane coating. Furthermore, the coating is applied without the use of heat and therefore does not weaken the natural strength of the fabric. There's less chance of ripping your fly on that epic journey where a tent with a gaping gash will cost you safety and security.

UV resistant
The multiple silicon elastomer coating means the fabric maintains it strength when exposed to UV radiation over long periods. This will significantly extend the life of your tent when exposed to sunlight.

Testing of UV30™ (to British Standard 3424) found that UV30™ is waterproof to 3500mm of hydrostatic head – more than enough to keep out torrential downpours. The silicon elastomer coating creates a highly water-repellent finish that stimulates a high degree of water shedding and keeps you dry.

UV75™ Fabric
UV75™ is a durable fly fabric for those who do not require the extreme performance of UV30™. Used on all our adventure camping tents, UV75™ will provide weatherproof protection for trampers and campers seeking independence without wanting to head into severe climates and environments.

UV75™ is a 75 denier, single-ripstop polyester with a high thread-count. It has a silicone elastomer coating on the outside and polyurethane coating on the inside.

Ripstop threads and silicone coating on the outside increase tear resistance.

The polyester composition of UV75™ combined with the silicone elastomer coating make this fabric durably resistant to damage from UV radiation.

UV75™ is a weatherproof fabric with a hydrostatic head of 1500mm (to British Standard 3424); enough to keep you dry during prolonged rainfall. The silicone elastomer coating on the outside creates a highly water repellent finish that stimulates a high degree of water shedding.

Reflex® UV
Reflex® UV is formed by a nylon face fabric with a hydrophilic PU membrane. It offers plenty of protection with a hydrostatic head of 20,000mm while maintaining a very high level of breathability. Reflex UV is also very light weighing in at no more than 85gr/m2.

Torrentwear™ XP
Macpac tent floors are tough and waterproof. Torrentwear™ XP is a densely woven nylon with a polyurethane coating for maximum durability and outstanding waterproofness (hydrostatic head of 10,000mm).
Torrentwear™ XP weighs only 104 gr/m2 and provides an extremely high level of durability (abrasion and tear strength). The tent floor fabric wraps up the sides of the tent and all floor seams are sealed in our factory with special waterproof seam sealing tape.

Torrentwear™ is the classic version of our floor fabric: a nylon fabric with a robust Torrentwear™ coating for durability and outstanding waterproofness (hydrostatic head of 10,000mm). The fabric is heavier than Torrentwear™ XP, but offers the same durability for our tents in the touring range. 


Tent poles form an essential part of a tent. They have to be lightweight and strong; rigid enough to stabilise the tent, but also flexible enough to give in to pressure from high winds. They also need to have a certain recovery to 'bounce' back after being deformed.

DAC Featherlite SL 9.0mm and the 9.8mm
Creating the right tent pole means finding the right balance between all these different qualities. Constant research and testing makes DAC Featherlite poles among the best-balanced tent poles on the market. DAC Featherlite SL tent poles are made out of very high quality aluminium in a seamless extrusion process to maximise strength. Macpac uses DAC Featherlite SL 9.0mm and the 9.8mm poles according to the specific requirements for each tent.

9.5mm 7001-T6 alloy poles 
In our adventure touring tents we use 9.5mm 7001-T6 alloy poles that are coated with a tough, black finish. These poles are slightly heavier and have a softer temper than the DAC Featherlite poles.

Customer Comments

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    Lasts for years

    Kate, 6/10/13

    Out Of Five
    I have had my Minaret (purple version) for well over 10 years and hiked and camped in all sorts of weather including snow. After all that time it has virtually no damage and I think minimal leakage once on a particularly rainy night. A gem of a tent !

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    New model disappoints!!

    Hayo, 3/10/13

    Out Of Five
    After thrashing and loving my Minaret for 15 years or so i retired it to be replaced with the new version. Slightly shorter and not as wide,definitely lighter to carry as well as a smaller packed size it all looked promising!! Sadly it turned out to be a big anticlimax , . Unfortunately it failed to deliver in one area. Pitching it in a variety of weather and environmental conditions , over the last 3 years , i always found that the groundsheet absorbed water like a sponge. So much so i am considering trying to replace it with the groundsheet out of my old Minaret which is still bombproof!!!. Not surprising when you put the two groundsheets side by side and compare the difference of quality of material. To be fair the rest of the tent was good in the extreme winds and rain but when the groundsheet lets you down in the softest of conditions it kinda takes the fun of it
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    Justin, 26/09/13

    Out Of Five
    I had one many years ago and used it extensively during a 2 year world tour. Despite many nights of torrential downpour it never leaked a drop with over 300 nights in total spent in it. In the Mt Cook campground in Feb 1995 (I think) there was an enormous storm and of maybe 30 tents in the campground only 2 were still up in the morning with many totally torn to shreds. The survivers were our Minarette and a Macpac Olympus.

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    Helpful review

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    Minaret used on Search and Rescue Operation

    Aaron Hunter, 13/09/13

    Out Of Five
    I was forced to put the my recently purchased Minaret to task on top of Mount Rintoul ( Mt Richmond Forest Park Nelson ) during a Search and Rescue Operation where we located a foreign tourist who had misplaced himself in claggy deteriorating weather conditions, he had operated his PLB but due to cloud conditions was unable to be plucked to safety by Rescue Helo. Our 2 man team was dropped below the cloud, we located our man, the weather then took a severe turn for the worse while we were trying to navigate our way to Rintoul Hut in the middle of the night. With thunder lightning and freezing horizontal sleet we were forced to get shelter up fast and hunker in for a wild night on top of the Mountain. With Minaret up and rocks on 4 corners for anchors 3 weary cold wet guys squeezed in for the night, I thought the tent would be shredded by the morning by the noises that were coming from my Minaret thrashing itself in the wind and sleet that night. I was amazed in the morning when the wind finally dropped to find the tent still in one piece although iced up from the torture it undertook through the night, it was 3 very grateful men who's butts were spared by the brilliant Minaret that night. I take my hat off to this tent, punches way above its weight. When mother nature has a crack you can count on the Minaret for peace of mind.
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    Thankful for ventilation in the summer

    mwty, 10/07/13

    Out Of Five
    I visited Uluru and Kings Canyon during the Easter break in 2011. It was still quite warm at night, so it was a little warmer inside the Minaret. However, the ventilation "pockets" in the top corners helped in addition to just using the mesh front door (although not as much as I hoped). Any warmer and I probably would have done without the fly. I highly recommend this tent as much as the Sounds of Silence dinner (make sure it's not full moon or too much light pollution)!

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    Awesome tent

    Eeuwe, 14/03/13

    Out Of Five
    We took this tent out into the Lewis Pass area last summer. During our five day walk, we had sudden and very heavy downpoors and lots of wind. This tent didnt skip a beat, its tough and highly water resistant and we stayed dry!

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"We keep returning to the Macpac Minaret for a number of reasons; its durability, the ease of pitching, the size and weight and the product supoprt we receive from Macpac. Teenagers are not generally the easiest or most caring on equipment. We have found that we have had very few issues with Minaret and damage due to its durable nature. Due to the Minaret being designed in New Zealand we believe the tent meets all the needs we need it to, yet is not overkill. With a number of pitching options this tent meets both Summer tramping trip needs and Winter snow camping assessment requirements."
Glen Currie, Outdoor Education Mount Hutt College.


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