Beat the Heat - Brrr°

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Let us introduce you to our chilliest fabric yet. Shop the range.

What is brrr°?

brrr°, it’s cold in here. Summer is all about keeping chill when the weather isn’t. Hiking up a 1000m incline in the summer sun, or trail running on a baking valley floor is epic but can be a little challenging if you’re clothes aren’t made for the season. The new summer range has been intentionally designed to keep you as comfortable and protected as possible.

One of the fabric technologies used in our summer collection is called brrr° Triple Chill Effect®. Created specifically for the warmer months, our brrr° range uses fabric that combines three cooling technologies to enhance dryness and comfort while also working to reduce the temperature of your skin. Wearing something designed for warm activity is a game changer so it’s time to level up your summer gear.  

How does it work?

brrr° Triple Chill Effect® combines cooling minerals, active wicking, and rapid drying to reduce body temperature to help keep you comfortable. This technology is built into the structure of the fabric so it won't wash away.

The brrr° polyester used across our ranges helps to continually move heat away from your body, protecting it from UV exposure, and wicking moisture.

Where brrr° can be found

brrr° fabrics are used across our hike, outdoor active, and accessory ranges. 

Short sleeve t-shirt- This active T-shirt is great for wearing under backpacks and running vests with an underarm gusset for plenty of mobility. Shop Mens. Shop Womens.

Long sleeve t-shirt- The long sleeve tee has an underarm gusset for plenty of mobility and is great for wearing under backpacks and running vests. This long sleeve style also offers UPF protection for days spent adventuring under the sun. 

It's finished in a streamlined cut with slightly longer sleeves for a flattering shape that balances minimal bulk with maximum coverage. Shop Mens. Shop Womens.

Long sleeve hooded t-shirt - This hooded long sleeve sits comfortably under backpacks and running vests with an underarm gusset for plenty of mobility. It's finished with slightly longer sleeves and thumb loops for maximum coverage, and like other long sleeve styles in the range, offers UPF sun protection. Shop Mens. Shop Womens.

Gloves - This lightweight summer glove is ideal for warm-weather pursuits with added elastane for stretch and a close fit. Our gloves also offer UPF sun protection. Shop now.

Gaiter - A versatile tube-style design turns this neck gaiter into a headband with a fold and a twist or two. Perfect for hiking, climbing, skiing or mountain biking. Shop now.

Sleeves - Designed for when you want protection on your arms without having to put on a long sleeve or take off your pack. Our sleeves also offer UPF sun protection. Shop now

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