Notes from the trail

Heading on a day trip? Here's how to pack a hiking day pack.
3 mins
Some call it prime adventure season, others call it shoulder season. Whatever you want to name it, here's how to make the most of Autumn.
3 mins
With new-age GPS it's easy to forget the magic of manual navigation. The good ol' paper map & compass. Here Caro Ryan will teach you navigation for beginners.
8 mins
250 km northwest of Melbourne lies the outdoorsy, nature-loving town of Halls Gap. As the name suggests, the 500 or so folk who call this town home, snuggle down between two shoulders of Gariwerd (Grampians) National Park.
6 mins
It's hotter, dryer, and the snowline is as high as it can be. How a change of season changes your adventure.
5 mins
Braden Currie and his son adventured to the West Matukituki Valley in Mt Aspiring National Park to hike up Cascade Saddle.
4 mins
Our friends at the Mountain Safety Council have put together a list of useful winter safety tips.
Learn about the principles adventurers should live by and some lesser-known tips for the trails.
15 mins
A list of the best hikes in the north and south island of New Zealand. Get exploring this summer!
10 mins
An Australian bushie, turned search and rescue leader, passionate about getting people outdoors. Read all about Caro here.
We’ve come up with a handful of tips to help your kids fall in love with the great outdoors. Read them all here