Aztec Premium Canvas

Aztec® Premium Canvas

Designed to last in demanding New Zealand and Australian environments, Aztec® canvas is at the heart of Macpac’s reputation for making durable, weather resistant packs.

Aztec® canvas is constructed from a unique blend of hard-wearing, long staple cotton fibres and abrasion resistant polyester fibres. Aztec® 8 and 6 oz uses a certified organic cotton. These fibres are plied together to create a strong yarn which is tightly woven into a durable cloth - different variations of this yarn are used to create different variations of our Aztec® canvas, each with their own unique variations.

This tightly woven cloth is then saturated in a blend of resins and waxes to create a strong and weather-resistant canvas fabric. In wet conditions, the natural swelling of the cotton fibre helps fill any airspaces in the fabric, naturally enhancing the weather-resistant nature of the canvas.

From the start, our founder Bruce McIntyre believed durable design was the best thing an outdoor business could do for the planet. Keeping gear in use for as long as possible, and out of landfill, is a fundamental premise of Macpac design. With Aztec® canvas - still dyed and finished in Australia, in the same way it has been since the beginning - We create quality gear that stands the test of time.

Aztec® woven canvas first developed in 1981
Properties: Supreme durability and strength
Weight: 12oz. (495g) / m2

Aztec® 8oz pairs the strength of polyester with certified organic cotton
Properties: Balanced durability, water resistance, and lighter weight
Weight: 8oz. (340g) / m2

Aztec® 6oz combines the strength of polyester with certified organic cotton
Properties: lightweight durability and high tear strength
Weight: 6oz. (230g) / m2

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