Sleeping Bag Size Guide

When you're choosing a sleeping bag, there's a few things to consider — where you're going, what the temperature is likely to be and which type of insulation you want. In addition, it's worth considering what size sleeping bag will suit you best. At Macpac, we know everyone's different, so we offer a variety of sleeping bag sizes across our range. With standard, extra-large and women's sizes available, you're sure to find the best bag for your next adventure.

To help guide you, we recommend considering your height and shoulder width. Check your measurements against those of our bags for the right size.

In general, we recommend the following:

  • For 'mummy' shaped bags, we recommend the maximum user height is 25 cm less than the stated length of the bag
  • For rectangular shaped bags, we recommend the maximum user height is 30 cm less than the stated length of the bag
  • For kids' sleeping bags, we recommend the maximum user height is 20 cm less than the stated length of the bag

Back Length

Shoulder Width

Measurement (cm) Standard Womens Extra Large Standard Womens Extra Large
Epic 400/600 200 cm N/A 212/210 cm cm 80 cm N/A 82 cm
Epic 800/1000 220 cm N/A 233 cm 85 cm N/A 85 cm
Latitude 500/700 219 cm 204 cm 234 cm 78 cm 79 cm 80 cm
Overland 400 200 cm 185 cm 212 cm 80 cm 81 cm 82 cm
Escapade 150 206 cm N/A cm N/A cm 83.5 cm N/A cm N/A cm
Escapade 350/500/700 227 cm 212 cm 242 cm 83 cm 84 cm 86 cm
Aspire 360/500 219 cm N/A 234 cm 81 cm N/A 84 cm
Aspire 270 Kids 180 cm N/A N/A 70cm N/A N/A
Roam 200 218 cm N/A 233 cm 78 cm N/A 81 cm
Roam 160 Kids 160 cm N/A N/A 62 cm N/A N/A

Choosing the right size

It's important to have the right size sleeping bag for a few reasons. Firstly, to maximise warmth and comfort, and secondly, to minimise weight. To maximise warmth, you want to reduce the amount of air space between you and the inner walls of your bag — however you still need enough room to move comfortably and to allow the down to fully loft for thermal efficiency. Remember, if you're still unsure or think you're between sizes, it's best to visit a store to try them out.

Women's Fit

Designed for women, these sleeping bags have a more feminine shape with increased room at the hips and a slightly narrower shoulder. Featuring the same fill weight (or quantity) of down as our regular sleeping bags, the women's specific version is marginally shorter in length. This provides a greater concentration of down for improved core insulation.

Back Length

This measurement is taken inside the bag, from the top of the hood down to the foot seam.

Shoulder width

This measurement is taken inside the bag, across the widest point of the back — excluding the zip.

Packed Measurements

(based on STD size stuff sack measurements, uncompressed)

Sleeping Bag Packed Length (cm) Packed Width (cm)
Epic 400 43 28
Epic 400 47 31
Epic 800 50 34
Epic 1000 54 38
Latitude 500 XP 41 29
Latitude 700 XP 46 31
Overland 400 43 28
Escapade 150 29 21
Escapade 350 38 29
Escapade 500 40 30
Escapade 700 40 32
Aspire 360 46 37
Aspire 500 50 45
Kids' Aspire 270 37 36
Roam 200 40 32
Kids' Roam 160 35 23